"In my business I have had the opportunity to work with several different agencies, and on different  levels. Never before have I received the attention to my product that Brad has given. His ability to understand my specific needs, and then expound on them, helping me develop a clear concise vision is very refreshing. Brad took my original thoughts and concepts to a much higher level of branding and exposure. Therefore proving himself beyond my expectations. The follow up performance offered, and continued recommendations, puts Brad Martin far in front of the competition."

Joseph Vernola

Smokin' Joe's Sauces LLC


"Great design, layout and creative!  Brad’s work on my accounts over 10 years on corporate and campaign logos, newspaper, mail and TV, for branding and “buy-now” messages, has always made me (and my clients) look great."

Bill Moen

The Moen Group


"Quick.  Reasonable.  Creative.  Pick any three.  I find Brad to be the rarest among designers. He understands cost and deadlines but still delivers sharp, fresh designs on every project.


Brad has been a major asset to our agency. His designs are always fresh, and the work is spot on.  He's quick and efficient.  He gets it right the first time.  And he's so easy to work with, it's like having him on site with us."

Jay Montgomery

The Montgomery Group


I am continually impressed by the excellent service that Brad Martin provides. Brad’s design skills and experience have been and continue to be a very important asset to our company.  The times I have requested support it has been fast and efficient. It is nice to be working with a designer that takes pride in providing a first class service.


Fundraising Specialist, Inc